Is Wordle Getting Harder? Fans Wonder

Is Wordle Harder Now?

Is Wordle getting harder? Maybe even more complicated than a month ago? If you’ve read the latest headlines about this word game, you might be thinking the popularity of the game has somehow made it tougher.

Wordle Getting Harder?

Of course some players are concerned that it is losing its appeal as a simple, fun game. But don’t worry – there are still plenty of ways to enjoy Wordle and to be fair, it’s not entirely accurate that the game is getting more difficult.

Wordle Getting Harder? Difficulty Questioned

According to the Guardian, some players have complained that it has become harder since it was bought by the New York Times late last month. While that sounds sort of crazy, it’s probably impossible too. The larger consensus is that the game might be acquiring new players who aren’t as familiar with some answers as they are with other Wordle answers in the past.

The thought that the recent purchase of the word game to the New York Times would increase the difficulty of the puzzle is quite hilarious. The New York Post reports that a certain player base of the game were feeling like they were solving puzzles with harder words as answers. Which, could be possible, but who believe the NYT has the time to conspire for such nonsense. 

Tough Answers to be Expected

Every so often there is a puzzle that just isn’t meant for solving. Wordle is a daily game so shaking off the disappointment of solving it with the whole puzzle, instead of the second try shouldn’t be stinging your backside all day. 

If you are going to ask us (and we are armchair fans of Wordle) we can’t tell the difference between playing with the old owner or the new owners. There definitely are more people playing the game AND that has led to more people commenting online about the overall idea of what is being solved. And how difficult it is.

Alas, we are still solving in three lines. Not to brag or nothing, but if they made it a little harder we’d be happy about that.

Try Wordle Hard Mode

If making the game more difficult is your thing, you can turn on the Wordle Hard Mode. Offering up a way to make the rules just a little more difficult to solve, it’s the next level of Wordle insanity. Otherwise you might want to wait until tomorrow to see if the Wordle getting harder is real OR if it was just a hard word!

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