Wordle Bragging Begins to Annoy Social Media

Wordle Bragging is a Thing

Are you clogging up social media? Do you daily look to see who has completed Wordle first and how well they did? Well, you could be feeding into the international problem of Wordle bragging.

Wordle Bragging

First, we must be clear. Anyone at our office would love to see your Wordle results online. Show us on Twitter, Instagram or any other way. We’d even be delighted if you dropped a note from a drone. The more players talk about Wordle (for us) the better. It’s fun for us. We hope it’s fun for you. Remember we are fans of the game too….

Apparently Sharing Wordle Results is Causing Drama on Social Media

However, some people don’t feel quite so invested into the game and they’re starting to complain. Coining the term Wordle Bragging it’s become a thing. A few folks don’t want to see the end results of the game by dozens of their friends in their timelines. It’s bringing up feelings for them.

Which brings us to this opinion by Stefano Hatfield who is suggesting sharing results of this word game is over the top.

 …I’m begging you all: if you geniuses can guess a five-letter word in three lines, just give yourself a quiet pat on the back. The rest of us really don’t need to know about it.

Opinion Piece on INews by Stefano Hatfield

In a reflective mood, we’d have to say that Mr. Hatfield appears to be a little ridiculous. If he thinks people are going to stop sharing their results because he’s loud about it, that’s rich. I mean, why? Sharing every day is half the fun. Wordle isn’t always easy. And you need to have your Wordle support system. Since we are all doing it at home (or office or tent) it makes sense to share your solution.

Once you are done giving your Wordle offering it to the world to see how you compare in the big picture is the next step. That is unless you don’t play and find watching other people having the fun is your choice.

Wordle is Bringing People Together

Mind you, we are nothing but fans here, and even so we don’t go slamming anyone for having a good time doing their thing outside of word games. Like the sport of curling? Well, okay enjoy the sport. Think crossword puzzles are fun to do? Send the world a snapshot of the finished puzzle and we’ll take a peek too. Find that digging a big hole in your backyard is relaxing. Have at it buddy.

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The point is playing Wordle can only be harmless. You can have fun daily. It brings people together without talking politics, religion or even the virus. It’s quite honestly beyond harmless. So complaining about Wordle bragging is because you see the different color boxes as a solution is, well, arrogant and patronizing.

Everyone Has a Hobby

Everybody has their hobby, interests and desires which is why the world is such an amazing place. We share what we want online because it’s a snapshot of our lives. Just because we are able to complete the Wordle every day doesn’t mean should stop sharing everyday. Wordle Bragging is ongoing, pop culture thing. It’s on today’s social media and that’s delightful.

Honestly, Mr. Hatfield seems to be having the early onset of symptoms surrounding FOMO. Perhaps he can find a way to hold off judgments of others by checking out the local pharmacy in search for an ointment to help him recover.

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