5 Best Wordle Starting Word Ideas

What is the Best Wordle Starting Word?

If you’re a serious Wordle player, you might be wondering what Wordle strategies are out there for starting words. Looking to cover as much ground as possible with the first word, rethinking your strategy on what that opening word could be is a good idea.

Wordle Starting Word Ideas

Looking over the different Wordle starting word ideas, you will immediately notice the players who make the suggestions are serious word game enthusiasts. We’ve had yet to discover anyone who suggested a word to start that was random.

Every Wordle Strategy has a reason

Watching the videos on the best wordle starting words, you get some of the reasoning behind the idea of the world. Be it the commonality of the letter, the opportunity to use certain letters in vocabulary and the like. What we are trying to say is every idea is a strategy that includes a serious educated guess. However, as any good guess would have it, there are times you might miss the mark.

Use the Same Word Daily

When thinking about your starting word, you could be wondering if it’s a good idea to use the same word every day. This is an interesting idea that might be effective in your playing. Or it might be like the lottery player who plays the same number every week…..completely random.

This decision is all about how you like to play. Will you randomize the option? Or use the same word daily? It’s your choice!

If you’re still on the fence on how to play as you want to make your daily dose a fun chance to solve the puzzle, consider the six best word starting strategy ideas. Try them all and see what fits! And if you don’t think any of them work for you…..that’s cool too!

Top Five Wordle Strategies for Starting words

1. CRANE. This is a very well thought out start word. Popular letters used in the English language and covers quite a few of the best combinations.

2. CANOE Well, after watching the video from DougsmanLand you might be swearing by this word. Showcasing from game to game the opportunities this word offers when you open with it, he even gives examples to follow along.

3. Now if you’d rather have a 3-step process to winning, then consider the possibilities of using all the vowels and popular consonants of the game to have an educated forth guess. Bentellect makes it look easy to solve with his unique formula starting with the word RATIO. And we encourage you to check out why it always will yield you a win!

4. AROSE If you’re thinking about it, this combination is another great way to start off the word play and Mr.Excel swears by it! His focus on the word allows you to kick off with an many vowels as possible on your daily puzzle journey.

5. TEARS Another interesting idea on the best word to start. While it’s also STARE, if you arrange the letters, you could be really technical if you’re looking to get the letters in the proper positions on the first try. Either way, it’s a start with popular consonants and vowel heavy. We love this Wordle expert as she definitely knows the game.

Just GIVE me a Word to Start…

OK, if you’re tired of hearing all the logic behind the Best Wordle Starting Word then may we suggest the top 10 video by Life’s Top 10. Frankly, the words they offer make sense and are easy enough to understand why to use.

In Conclusion

As with any great word game, if you get too technical, you are going to lose all the fun of play. Of course we love Wordle, but just don’t need to be bogged down by intense data to play. So respectfully get out of our face….we got a Wordle to play!

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