Top 5 Things to Eat During Wordle Play

Wordle Play + Food

If you love to eat during Wordle, you are not alone. Depending on your Wordle routine, you might be asking yourself if eating before, during or after Wordle could help your play?

Coffee drinking and Wordle Play

Technically, we aren’t doctors. However, we’ve been on a TV set where we played a background hospital tech wearing a sexy white coat, so be aware we know as much as any Hollywood actor about this subject. And we’d love to share!

Games Makes You Smarter

Getting all factual (somebody grab the bucket, we’re about to hurl over here) there is a connection with Wordle offering brain food. Playing the game is suppose to make you smarter and ultimately been proven to stimulate and improve cerebral abilities in older players. The study from International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry has everyone saying it’s just another reason to play.

Yeah, whatever. We play because it’s fun.

Now, getting back to food it’s pretty obvious, if you eat and play it’s going to stimulate the senses. Or you’re going to spill down the front of your shirt and look like a slob. Just saying.

We’ve done an unscientific study ourselves and asked our friends and colleagues what they eat when they play the puzzle game. Surprisingly, many people do eat during their play. What was shocking, is for the most part people play before or during breakfast. The cool word game has become a way to start the day and bring a sense of calm or create a focus.

Overall, the idea of incorporating food with the game is something that is a multitasking option. You can eat and play, then get on with your day. It makes sense to us. Or it could be out of necessity like having a slice of Wordle cake to celebrate the game as the extra sugar gives you a jolt of energy!

Here’s Are the Top Five Things We’ve Been Told Has Been Eaten During Wordle:

1 Eggs. Nobody would reveal if they made the eggs themselves or their butlers prepared the food, but either way an egg and a game was expressed as a good way to go.

2. Coffee or Tea. This might be expected as a warm cup of liquid and a focus on the game is good. Nobody technically eats coffee, but our acquaintances aren’t sticklers for English unless they are correcting ours, so it’s going to stay at number two.

3. Hamburgers. While we all assume people wait until first thing in the morning to play the new game, sometimes people don’t technically get up. They are night owls and wait it out for the daily drop. They play and then go to bed.

4. Chips. Not sure why it’s not fruit (as that’s healthier) but there has to be a reason in there somewhere. We think Sour Cream and Onion chips enhance Wordle play, but that’s just us. Maybe Salt and Pepper potato chips? This obviously the flavor is a personal preference, but we are talking potato chips. NOT wood chips (in case there are any beaver out there reading this.)

5. Chocolate. Everything goes with chocolate and we all need one more reason to eat this delightful sweet treat. Hence, the idea that people have chocolate in front of them while completing the game isn’t farfetched at all.

Wordle Play Conclusion

When playing the Wordle, if you get hungry, it’s cool to eat. No really. Just pay attention to putting the food in the proper hole so it doesn’t spill down the front of your shirt. The excuse that you were playing the latest trendy pop culture game and missed your mouth will have people talking about you. And yes, it won’t be in such a good way either.

Oh, puzzle play makes me so hungry……Or is it called Wordlungry?

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